Troop 50 Boy Scouts, Billerica Massachusetts, 1967-1969

Roadrunner Patrol 1969 Summer Road Trip at Philmont

Roadrunner Patrol Philmont Tour 7-69

Troop 50 Annual Mount Chocorua Hike, October 1969

[ better see the signatures: 3400x2800 pixel (5.5mb) version]

Small version of signed Mt Chocorua photo

Troop 50/55 Fifty Mile Hike, Summer 1970

Troop 50/55 Fifty Mile Hike, Summer 1970

Can you identify any of the kids in the above five photos? Click on an image for my current list. Please copy the linked lists, fill in the blanks, and mail to me. If you can provide any addresses or eddresses all the better.

 If you have more information about the Old Scouts of Troop 50 Billerica, please write to me.

 A.J.Oxton, OA, OO, OAE,  k1oIq

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